The Riipen Moodle integration allows educators to provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for their students by embedding their Riipen course directly into their course on Moodle. This integration is completely set up within your Moodle environment, so first navigate to your school's Moodle website and then follow along with these instructions.

Steps for Moodle Administrators - One time only*

  1. Sign in to Moodle as Administrator.

  2. Click the Site administration option at the left side panel.

  3. Go to the Plugins tab.

  4. Find Manage tools option in the Activity Modules block.

  5. Click the configure a tool manually link at the opened page.

  6. Fill the following fields:

  7. Field name
    Tool name: any text name for application
    Tool URL: (NB: It is important to have the trailing "/" at the end.)
    Consumer key: Found in the "Settings" tab of your school dashboard. (Looks like 'pk-123456-abcdef'. In Riipen, this is called the "Public" key.)
    Shared secret: Found in the "Settings" tab of your school dashboard. (Looks like 'sk-123456-abcdef'. In Riipen, this is called the "Secret" key.)
    Share launcher’s email with tool: “Always”
    Tool configuration usage: Either "Do not show; use only when a matching tool URL is entered" OR "Show as preconfigured tool when adding an external tool."

  8. Click the Save changes button. The system adds a new tool to the list of other available tools.

Steps for Educators - For each Riipen course

  1. Sign in as a Teacher or stay in the system as an Administrator.

  2. Open any required course.

  3. Expand Actions drop-down menu (gear in top right) and select Turn editing on option.

  4. Click the + Add an activity or resource link for the required section.

  5. Select the External tool option and click the Add button.

  6. Fill the following fields:
    Activity name: Riipen
    Preconfigured tool: automatic, based on tool URL
    Tool URL:
    Secure tool URL: (Replacing #### with your Riipen course ID)

  7. Click Save and display button.

Your Riipen course is now integrated with your Moodle course!

*If you do not have approval to use Riipen site-wide, then you can also enable Riipen in one course only. Add a module to your course and select the "External Learning Tool" option. Follow the Steps for Educators above, but with one difference: show the Advanced settings, and add the Public and Secret key to your configuration as well.

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