On Riipen, both types of projects are initiated by employers, and describe a problem, business need or opportunity that your company is facing, and that students can contribute to.

A project should give meaningful context about your company, industry or business climate.

Companies can post two types of projects on Riipen.

Projects: These are projects that are completed by students for course credit, with faculty oversight. They are usually completed by either a full class, or small team of students. A company can apply to participate in an educator's course, or post their project to the in-class project marketplace for educators to browse and request.

Challenges: A challenge is a smaller, 2-8 hour commitment for students to take on voluntarily. Students complete a small project or demonstrate a skill for the incentives a company provides. Challenges are a great way for companies to connect with students and screen potential candidates for jobs (you can even link challenges to jobs).

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