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Access Riipen In Blackboard

Connecting Riipen & Blackboard enables students to use the full Riipen platform directly through a Blackboard web link.

No student sign-up required (SSO)

Student accounts are automatically created when students view Riipen in Blackboard for the first time. No sign-up required!

Step 1 - Administrator Setup

Add Riipen as an LTI tool provider in Blackboard. An administrator at your institution is required to complete this step once - after completing Step 1, educators can complete Step 2 individually.

  1. Sign into Blackboard as an Administrator

  2. Click on the System Admin tab

  3. Click on LTI Tool Providers

  4. To begin adding Riipen, click the Register LTI 1.1 Provider tab

  5. Fill out the following fields:

Provider Domain


Send user data

Send user data only over SSL

User Fields to Send

Email Address

Public Key

Find your "public key" in the settings tab of your school dashboard in Riipen

Secret Key

Find your "secret key" in the settings tab of your school dashboard in Riipen

The new Riipen app will now appear in the LTI providers screen.

Step 2 - Educator Setup

  1. Open your Course in Blackboard

  2. Click on the Content area

  3. Click Build Content in the menu, then click Web Link

4. To setup a web link, fill out the fields described in the table below:


Enter a name/text for your link to Riipen


In the URL field, enter the following URL, replacing courseid with your Riipen course's ID.

For instructions on finding your Riipen course's ID, see below

This link is to a Tool Provider

Check This link is to a Tool Provider

5. Click submit after completing the web link setup.

Your Riipen web link will now appear in your Course Content. When students click on the link, they'll be brought directly to your Riipen course - a Riipen account will be created for them, and they will be added to your Riipen course automatically.

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