The Riipen Blackboard integration allows educators to provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for their students by embedding their Riipen course directly into their course on Blackboard.

This integration is completely setup within your Blackboard environment, so first navigate to your school's Blackboard website and then follow along with these instructions.

Add Riipen as LTI Tool Provider

Tip: You will usually need an administrator to complete these steps.

  1. Sign into Blackboard as a teacher or administrator.

  2. Click the System Admin tab.

  3. Click on Building Blocks link.

  4. Click the LTI Tool Providers option.

  5. The system opens the list of added LTI providers. To add a new one click the Register Provider Domain tab.

  6. Fill the following fields:

    Provider domain:
    Send user data: “Send user data only over SSL"
    User Fields to Send: Email address
    Public key: Found in the Settings tab of your Riipen school portal
    Secret key: Found in the Settings tab of your Riipen school portal

  7. Click the Submit button.

  8. The system displays added LTI provider in the list of other providers.

Create Placement

  1. Click 0 in the “Placements” column next to added LTI provider.

  2. Click the Create Placement tab.

  3. Fill the following fields:
    URL:[Riipen course id]
    Type: Content tool, allow student access

  4. Click the Submit button

Add to Course

  1. Go to the Courses tab.

  2. Open any required course to want to add created Riipen course to this course.

  3. Click Content link.

  4. Expand Tools menu and select added course from the list by clicking on it.

  5. Set course name inside Name field. Fill other fields if necessary.

  6. Click the Submit button [pointer 12].

  7. The system adds this course to the Content page.

  8. Click the name of this course and the system opens it in the same frame

Your Riipen course is now integrated with your Blackboard course!

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