The Riipen D2L integration allows educators to provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for their students by embedding their Riipen course directly into their course on D2L. This integration is completely set up within your D2L environment, so first navigate to your school's D2L website and then follow along with these instructions.

Administrators - One time only

  1. From the Admin menu (accessed under the gear icon next to your name), click External Learning Tools.

  2. Click the Manage Tool Providers sub menu item.

  3. Click the New tool Provider button to add a new tool.

  4. Fill the following fields:
    Launch Point:
    Version: 1.1
    OAuth Signature: HMAC-SHA1
    Tool consumer information: Check "use custom tool consumer information instead of default"
    Key: Found in the "Settings" tab of your school dashboard on Riipen.
    Secret: Found in the "Settings" tab of your school dashboard on Riipen.
    Name: Riipen

    Security Settings: Check "Send LTI user ID and LTI role list to tool provider"
    Security Settings: Check "Send user email to tool provider"

  5. Click the Save button.

Educators - For each Riipen course

  1. Click the Course Admin menu option in D2L for your course page.

  2. Follow the External Learning Tools link from the Site Resources category.

  3. Click the Manage External Learning Tool Links sub menu item.

  4. Click the New Link button.

  5. Fill the following fields:
    Title: Riipen
    Replacing ####### with your Riipen course ID (the series of numbers and/or letters in your course page URL: e.g.
    Security Settings: Select "User tool provider security settings"

  6. Click on the Save and Close button.
    The system adds a new external tool to the list of other available tools.

  7. Click on the Content tab.

  8. Open the Table of Contents or open any existing module or create a new one

  9. Expand the Add Existing Activities drop-down menu from the required module area and select the External Learning Tools option.

  10. In the opened screen the system displays the created tool (Riipen).

  11. Click on it to add. The system adds this activity to the course.

Your Riipen course is now integrated with your D2L course!

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