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What does connecting Riipen & D2L do?

Access Riipen In D2L

Connecting Riipen & D2L enables students to use the full Riipen platform directly through a D2L activity/assignment.

No student sign-up required (SSO)

Student accounts are automatically created when students view Riipen in D2L for the first time. No sign-up required!

How to Connect Riipen & D2L

Step 1 - Administrator Setup

Add Riipen as an LTI app in D2L

  1. Sign into D2L as an administrator

  2. From the Admin menu (access under the gear menu next to your name), click External Learning Tools

  3. Click the Manage Tool Providers tab

  4. Click New Tool Provider, then fill out the following fields:

Launch Point




OAuth Signature


Tool consumer information

✔ Check Use tool consumer information instead of default


Find your "public key" in the settings tab of your school dashboard in Riipen


Find your "secret key" in the settings tab of your school dashboard in Riipen



Security Settings

Check "Send LTI user ID and LTI role list to tool provider"

Security Settings

Check "Send user email to tool provider"

Click save to add the Riipen LTI app

Step 2 - Educator Setup

  1. Open your course, then click Edit Course to get to your Course Administration page.

  2. Click External Learning Tools

  3. Click the Manage External Tool Links tab

  4. Click the New Link button

  5. Fill the following fields:




https://lti.riipen.com/courses/[course id]

See note below on where to find the course ID

Security Settings

Select "Use tool provider security settings"

6. Click Save and Close

7. Go to your course Content page

8. Open an existing module, or create a new one in the table of contents.

9. Click the Add Existing button, then select External Tool Activity

10. Select Riipen from the list of tools.

Your Riipen course is now integrated with your D2L course!

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