The Riipen Canvas integration allows educators to provide a Single Sign-On (SSO) experience for their students by embedding their Riipen course directly into their assignment on Canvas. You can also offer single sign on for educators.

This integration is completely set up within your Canvas environment, so first navigate to your school's Canvas website and then follow along with these instructions.

Administrators -- One time only

  1. Sign into Canvas as a teacher or administrator.

  2. Go to Courses page and open your course.

  3. In Course Navigation, click the Settings link.

  4. Go to the Apps tab.

  5. To add a new one click the View App Configuration App button.

  6. Click the +App button.

  7. Fill the following fields

    Configuration Type: “Manual Entry”
    Name: Riipen
    Consumer Key: The unique value for your institution is found in the "Settings" tab of your school dashboard on Riipen.
    Shared Secret: The unique value for your institution is found in the "Settings" tab of your school dashboard on Riipen.
    Launch URL:
    Privacy: “E-Mail Only”

  8. Click the submit button

  9. The new app will appear in the Apps tab.

Now, if you choose to do so, you can create a link to Riipen in your Learning Management system that is accessible by educators, using the format where slug is the unique part of your school's URL on Riipen. For example, if your school profile on Riipen is, your LTI link will be

Educators -- For each Riipen course

  1. Click the Assignments link.

  2. Click on +Assignment button.

  3. Type Assignment Name

  4. In the Submission Type drop-down menu, select the External Tool option.

  5. In the Enter or find External Tool URL input, enter "" without the quotations and replace ":id" with your Riipen course ID.*

  6. Click the Select button.

  7. Fill other assignment-related fields if necessary

  8. Click the Save & Publish button.

  9. The system opens the added assignment in the same frame. This assignment is available from the list of all assignments of a course.

Your Riipen course is now integrated with your Canvas assignment!

*Your Riipen course ID is found in the URL of the course page. If the URL is (for example), the course ID is 7O9yeyOe.

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