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What does connecting Riipen & Canvas do?

Access Riipen In Canvas

Connecting Riipen & Canvas enables students to use the full Riipen platform directly through a Canvas assignment.

No student sign-up required (SSO)

Student accounts are automatically created when students view Riipen in Canvas for the first time. No sign-up required!

How to Connect Riipen & Canvas

Step 1 - Administrator Setup

  1. Sign into Canvas as a Teacher or Administrator

  2. Go to your course page

  3. In your Course Navigation menu, click Settings, then View App Configurations

  4. Click the +App button

  5. Fill out the fields below, then click Submit

Configuration Type

"Manual Entry"



Consumer Key

Find your "public key" in the settings tab of your school dashboard in Riipen

Shared Secret

Find your "private key" in the settings tab of your school dashboard in Riipen

Launch URL





E-mail Only

The new Riipen app will now appear in the Apps tab.

Step 2 - Educator Setup

  1. Open your course

  2. Add a new assignment with the +Assignment button

  3. Enter a name for your assignment (e.g. Riipen Project)

  4. In the submission type drop-down menu, select External Tool

  5. In the Enter or find an External URL input, enter "https://lti.riipen.com/courses/[course id]

    1. Replace [course id] with the course ID from your Riipen course. See note below on where to find the course ID.

  6. Fill out any other assignment-related fields for your course, then click Save & Publish

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