A company on Riipen may be a corporation, start-up, small business, non-profit, or government agency. Riipen's industry partners range from one-person operations to multinational corporations.

Start-ups: As a startup, there is a lot to get accomplished in a limited amount of time. Riipen can help employers accomplish 100-500 hours worth of research and work in areas they might not have the time or expertise for. Students can provide help in many different areas, depending on your business needs.

Popular areas of interest for employers include: marketing, sales analyses, business development, and more.

Small businesses: There are several areas of interest for small businesses when trying to expand or stay up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies.

Students can offer fresh skills and perspectives to efficiently help guide your business forward.

Government agencies: Students often do not consider the government sector to be an option after graduation. Connecting with students early on helps funnel students into an agency's talent pipeline in a way they otherwise might not have been possible.

Enterprise level businesses: Riipen is great for enterprise level businesses because it's an easy way to assess talent early and often. On average, it costs over $11,000 every time a post-secondary graduate is hired; and nearly 50% of them plan on leaving their roles in the next two years. Finding the right talent that genuinely engages with your brand and vision means saving thousands of dollars on every hire.

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