We estimate it takes about 45 minutes to create and publish your initial course. Screening applicant companies for your course varies based on how many companies you plan to work with, but can take as little as 30 minutes, or up to a few hours if you are reviewing multiple companies. This screening process includes reading the project application, and speaking with the company to determine if they are a good fit. If you are bringing on companies from your own network, you know the time estimate best!

Introducing your students to the course, giving them the resources to get set up, and checking on students' progress throughout the projects may take 1-3 hours over the course of the project in total - depending on how interactive you would like to be with the students on the platform. The time spent on project management should lessen as a result of using Riipen's course management tools.

In short, the time commitment is variable but should be under 15 hours over the semester.

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