First, Find Your Course

If you're starting an in-class project, you'll need to sign up for your course on Riipen using a unique access code provided by your instructor.

  1. Sign up for a student account at

  2. Go to the course page directly via the link your instructor gave you, or use the search function in the Onboarding Wizard to find your course.

  3. On your course page, you'll see a button: Join as Student. Click this and you'll be prompted to enter your access code for the course.

    Tip: If you see a button which reads View Projects instead, that means you've already been added to the course and don't need to enter the access code.

  4. Click the View Projects button to see what companies your instructor has confirmed for your class. Be sure to confirm in your instructor which company you're supposed to work with before continuing!

    Find your assigned project in this list, and click the title to see more.

Next, Create or Join A Team

Make sure to have your team confirmed by your instructor first. Don't create a team until you've confirmed who you're working with.

  1. On the project page for the company you've confirmed you're working with, click Start This Project.

  2. If your team is already signed up and you're trying to join an existing team: Select I want to join an existing team and click Request to join. This sends the existing team members a request to join the team. Then skip to Step 4.

    If you're setting up a new team: Select I want to create a new team. You'll need to enter your team members' emails (the emails they already use or will use for Riipen).

    If you're working by yourself: Select I want to create a new team and skip adding other team members.

  3. With your team (or by yourself if you're working by yourself), write a message to introduce your team to the company. For tips on what to write, click here.

  4. You can find all your projects under your dashboard, at any time.

You can find a video version of these instructions below:

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