Gaining Work Experience: All Riipen projects are designed to help students develop their skills. In-class projects replace traditional course work, allowing students to complete their school work for companies instead and build their practical skills. Remote Internships let students complete more intensive projects with the company's supervision to earn money and (in some cases) meet program requirements.

Ratings and Reviews: Every project completed on Riipen comes with company validated ratings and reviews. These ratings and reviews go in a student's virtual portfolio, allowing students to not only show off the work they have done but also the calibre of work they completed. Students can leave their Riipen profile public or, if they prefer, set their profile to "private" through their account settings.

Industry Connections: Students can start building their networks before they graduate. They can be added to a company's talent pool if they perform well and be first in line for future opportunities.

Easy Communication: Students can easily communicate with industry partners by using the Riipen messages function. The whole team can participate in the conversation and share files, and the instructor can be included in the conversations to guarantee transparency and professionalism.

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