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Explore our available challenges here.

See one you're interested in? Click "View Details" to see the full details of a challenge.

Read through the full challenge description and incentives. Some projects are limited to individual students, and some are limited to groups, so read the description thoroughly!

If you see "X Weeks left" in the challenge description, that means this challenge is only available for a limited time, and submissions will not be accepted after the date indicated.

Sign Up for a Challenge

  1. To sign up, either individually or as a team, click the "Start This Project" button.
  2. If you see Terms and Conditions, make sure to read them, because these have been written specifically by the company for this challenge, and may concern intellectual property or non-disclosure agreements!
  3. You'll have the option to add team members. If you're working on your own, just continue to the next step. If you're working in a team, enter your team members' emails, and make sure to use the emails they've used to sign up for Riipen!
  4. Next, draft up an introductory message to be sent to the company. If you're working in a team, one representative will send this for the team as a whole.

    This introductory message will automatically launch a conversation with you, your team, and the company contact, in case you need to continue the conversation. You can access this message any time in your Message Centre.
  5. If you have to add or remove team members after you've already started the project, open your team page, and go to the "Members" tab.

    You can open your team page either from "My Teams," in your Dashboard, or by clicking "View Team" on the challenge page.
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