Educator-referred companies are:

  • Granted free access to the school portal to which they were invited.

  • Granted access to all of the platform's communication and project management tools that can be used for projects with students.

Step 1: Sign Up for a Riipen Employer Account

You should have received an invitation from the school asking you to work with them on Riipen. This should arrive as an automated email from Riipen called Riipen Portal Invite, sent from If you can't find it, check your Spam folder.

If you're new to Riipen, you must use the sign-up link provided in the email in order to have access to the school’s content on Riipen! If you already have an existing Riipen account, you can accept the portal invitation in your Requests.

As part of the sign up, you’ll be walked through creating both a personal profile, and a profile for your company, which you can invite colleagues to.

Step 2: Find the School Portal

Once you complete the sign-up process, you are redirected to your dashboard, where you should see My Schools. You can find the schools you've been invited to work with here under this tab. You'll also see Recommended Courses from the school(s) in our dashboard.

Step 3: Submit Project Ideas

In order to get connected to students, you will need to Create a Project on Riipen. Your project will essentially be a description of what you would like students to do for your company.

You can view all courses posted by educators at the school under the Courses tab of the School portal.

See one you're interested in? Use the Submit Project button to submit a project proposal to the educator. They will have 14 days to accept or decline your project.

Don't see any you're interested in? You can post a project directly into the school portal for educators to apply to. In the school portal, click New Project. This gives you the freedom to draft up a new project scope.

Note: If you are setting up your account based on an email invitation from Riipen, you may already have a draft project started for you! You can check this by going to your dashboard. Clicking on the project draft will allow you to edit and publish your project.

Step 4: Monitor Your Project Requests

When your project is accepted, declined, or requested by an educator, you'll receive a notification on the platform. If you're not online, you'll get this via email.

You can view your Requests here at any time.

If you'd like to withdraw a project application you submitted to an educator's course, you can always cancel your request on the project page. Don't forget to let the educator know that you're withdrawing your project and why, to prevent any confusion!

Making sure My Requests is kept current ensures that your interactions are as relevant as possible and prevents you from getting all the reminder emails! When you know you do or don't want to work with an educator, approve or decline the project. When you know you no longer want to request to work with an educator, simply cancel your request.

Have questions?

Search for answers in our Help Centre. Click the orange chat icon at the bottom right corner of During our business hours (6am-5pm Pacific Time), the Riipen team is available to answer your questions in a live chat!

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