To get started, click "Create Project" in your personal or company dashboard, or through this direct link.

This will launch you into the project wizard, where you can follow the guided steps to provide information about your project idea, and add additional resources such as files, images, video and company background information.

Once you have completed the wizard, you can see a preview of your project page before publishing it.

The best projects include:

  • A thorough explanation of the business problem or challenge the project addresses. Could a student explain the problem to a peer?

  • Your objective for this project (what do you hope to get at the end of it?)

  • Any files, links or systems students will need access to to achieve the objective.

  • Images or video to showcase your brand and make the project stand out.

The project can be updated and continuously improved over time. If you add an FAQ or Resource to the project, students who have started the project will be automatically alerted.

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