To get started, click create project on your personal or company dashboard.

This will launch you into the project wizard, where you can follow the guided steps to provide details about your project idea and add additional resources such as files, images, videos, and company background information.

Unsure whether to create your project for courses or internship programs? Check out the key differences between courses and internship programs and the information below.

The project scope for courses should:

  • Be clear and identify a specific problem to be solved. Narrow down the pain point as much as possible, e.g. social media strategy as opposed to marketing strategy.

  • Be flexible in order to smoothly integrate into the educator’s curriculum. Educators may ask to adjust certain aspects of your project, such as deliverables and deadlines, to better align with their syllabus.

  • Provide learning value. The educator will assess if a project meets the learning outcomes for their course. Projects that offer students the opportunity to learn and get exposure to areas of a business will be more appealing.

  • Be attainable within a 3-4 month window. If a project requires a longer term commitment than this, it is probably not the right fit.

The project scope for internship programs should:

  • Be clear as to what the participant’s roles and responsibilities will be. The project page should include details on what the intern’s daily tasks will be.

  • Be suitable for their level of education. Students will be completing varying degrees (e.g. bachelors, masters, or continuing education degrees). The intern’s role should be appropriate for their respective level of education.

  • Be targeted to one area of specialization. E.g. marketing, finance, etc.

  • Be incentivized. You can choose whether it will be a paid internship (stipend, honorariums, etc.) or a credit bearing internship (usually unpaid). The minimum reward for any project is feedback.

Not ready to publish your project yet?

If you started creating a project but are not ready to publish yet, simply exit the wizard and your project will automatically save as a draft.

You can access this draft from your dashboard. Click on the edit icon to continue editing your project. Once you complete the wizard, you can preview the project before publishing it to the marketplace.

The project can be updated and continuously improved over time. If you add a FAQ or resource to the project, students who have started the project will be automatically alerted.

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