As an employer on Riipen, you can invite any number of colleagues to your company profile. This allows them to post projects, help manage existing projects, and access reports. To do this, they must be invited by an existing administrator.

  1. To invite a colleague, click on your company profile from your dashboard. You can find this in the banner or under the Companies tab, under Memberships.

  2. Next, select the Members tab, under Admin, at the bottom of the company profile.

3. Click on the + Invite Users button, type in your colleague's email address, select which permission level you would like them to have, and click submit!


Administrators of a company have full access within the company on Riipen. They can create and edit projects, view reports, invite and edit administrators, edit the company profile, and more. If you want full control over your company on Riipen, you want to be an administrator.


Employees have limited use of the company which they are a part of. Employees are limited to only creating and managing their own projects. Employees will not have access to other member’s projects, reports, profile editing, etc.

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