There are a few different ways to bring your students on to Riipen to participate in their project based learning experience. We will cover the 3 main ways to do this.

Option #1: Students Sign up Directly - Inviting students to choose their project and self-organize into teams

When students sign up to Riipen directly, they will need the course page URL and the access code to join. Once they have joined, they are then able to choose from all of the matched projects on your course page and can self-organize into teams.

In order to invite your students to join the course page, you will need to find the access code for your course page. The access code can be found within the students tab of your course pages.

  1. Navigate to the Students tab on your course page

  2. Click invite students (the orange text on the right)

  3. Click Invite only (the right side option)

  4. Clink the link that says "Copy instructions to share with your students" at the bottom below the box. This will bring up a pop-up window that has the link for the course page with the access code for students which you can then share with students for each of your courses.

  5. You can copy and paste the text in the pop up and send it to your students or include it in your syllabus. Alternatively, you may copy and paste your students’ email addresses in the box separated by commas and they will receive an email notification inviting them to join the platform.

Option #2: Educator Creates Student Teams and Assigns them to a project

Before the project with the company begins, it is in your best interest as the educator of the course to break the students up into teams and delegate which students are to be working with which companies. Your student teams will consist of a student leader and participants.

Follow these instructions to ensure your students are in their appropriate teams and ready to work with the employer.

  1. Navigate to your course page. You can find this on your dashboard.

  2. Once on your course page, click the “students” tab and then click “invite students”.

  3. Select the box that says “invite and create teams”.

  4. Choose the project you would like to assign this team to and click create teams to continue.

  5. Click Add Team to begin adding students. When you add your students to a team, remember to add them by the email address they already signed up to Riipen with (if they have already signed up).

  6. Create team(s) for that project.

  7. Add the student’s emails for who is going to be in that team

  8. Once you have input all of the student participants and named the student leader for that team, click create team.

  9. Repeat the process to create as many teams as you’d like on this project.

  10. Once you have created all the student teams for that project, click “invite students”.

  11. Your students will be automatically assigned into those teams on Riipen and they will receive email notifications alerting them to their team assignments or if they have not signed up for Riipen, they will be invited to do so.

LMS Integration:

Riipen integrates with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and D2L. Connect your LMS to Riipen to allow students to access their projects without creating new accounts. Our help center provides step by step instructions for each LMS mentioned here. When the integration is enabled, students can be provided the instructions below.

Riipen also offers 1-1 help with integrating your LMS and Riipen. Please reach out to your customer success associate at for assistance

  1. Click on the link to Riipen in your LMS

  2. Review and accept the Terms of Service to continue.

Go to the projects tab, and click on your assigned project. Click start this project when it is time to begin working on the project.

For additional support and information, please reach out to the customer success team via email ( or on LiveChat.

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