For Regular Sign-ups

Option 1: Students sign up directly

Here are instructions you can provide to the students:

  1. Go to your course page [provide course link*] and click join as a student. If you have not created an account yet, click sign up to join and create a student account.

  2. When prompted, enter your access code [provide code found in your course's students tab*]

  3. Go to the projects tab, click on your assigned project then click start this project to create a new team or join an existing one, and introduce yourself to the employer.

Note: The access code can be found on the students tab of your course/internship page by clicking invite students, invite only, and then copying the instructions provided.

Option 2: Inviting Students to Teams

As an educator, you can invite students to projects and form their teams, if you prefer to have a higher degree of control on team formation.

  1. Click invite students on the student tab of your course.

  2. Then click invite and create teams.

  3. Follow the steps to create student teams.

  4. Students can then be provided the instructions below.

  1. Look for an email from inviting you to join a team on Riipen. Click the sign up link in that email to create a student account. Make sure to use the email you were invited with to create your account.

  2. You have now been added to the team, and can view your team in your dashboard.

  3. On the team page you can view upcoming milestones, the project content, and your team members.

  4. Select start this project when it is time to introduce your team to the employer. This creates a message thread with the employer which you can access from your team page.

Option 3: LMS Integration

Riipen integrates with Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle and D2L. Connect your LMS to Riipen to allow students to access their projects without creating new accounts. Our help center provides step by step instructions for each LMS mentioned: here. When the integration is enabled, students can be provided the instructions below.

  1. Click on the link to Riipen in your LMS

  2. Review and accept the Terms of Service to continue.

Go to the projects tab, and click on your assigned project. Click start this project when it is time to begin working on the project.

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