Jobs are career opportunities posted by employers and aimed towards students.

Employers looking for upcoming talent can connect with students by creating a job posting and potentially connecting it with a challenge.

Students can apply to jobs by find a job on a company profile, or completing a challenge or project linked to a job.


  • Employers can raise awareness of potential career paths in their company and the skills needed to pursue them.
  • Employers can test candidates' skills by linking jobs to challenges, which are accessible in the projects tab of the job posting.
  • Students can apply to jobs and share their Riipen portfolio with potential employers.

Case Study:
You are an employer. There is a new job position at your organization, for which you're looking for entry-level talent. You can create a job posting by going to your company's dashboard, selecting the "Jobs tab," and clicking "+New Job Posting." You will be prompted to input the job description, location, salary, and other information.

You then create a challenge by clicking "Create Project." You select that you are creating a challenge and fill out the field where you can link it to a job posting. Students can either apply directly to your job or complete the challenge to showcase their skills.

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