First, go to My Teams in your dashboard and select your team page. Here you'll see your Project Start Date, Milestone due dates, and Final Submission due date. You'll receive reminder emails for each date.

Project Start

Make sure to click "Start this Project" and send an introductory message to the company. This creates a message thread with them to ask them any questions that may arise.


Not every project will have milestones. If you don't see these on your team page, you don't have any - skip to the final submission!

If you do, bear in mind your instructor created these and set the dates. The description of the milestone should indicate to you what you need to do to complete the milestone.

Completing a milestone is as simple as checking the box next to its name. But, some milestones may require more context. You can add a comment or file after clicking that checkbox.

Only one member of a team needs to complete milestones for the team as a whole.

Your instructor and the employer will be able to see your milestone comments and submissions.

Final Submission

Every project will have a final submission and a due date. Try to upload your project by this date, or communicate with the company if you'll be submitting it later. Riipen allows late submission.

Click the checkbox next to the final submission on your team page, or "Make Final Submission" on the page to upload your final deliverable. A comment is required - this is a good space to summarize your project deliverables, and thank the company for their time. A file is usually provided, but it is option in case your deliverable is intangible (eg. a presentation held over video conference).

When the company receives your deliverable, they'll be prompted to provide feedback, and you'll have an opportunity to do the same.

Check out Riipen Academy for further tips and best practices

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