An employer is interested in working with you and your students! You will see all pending requests under the requests tab on your course page. Here you can follow the link to the project page, and start a chat with the employer.

Review the project

While reviewing, try to answer the following questions:

  1. Does the project scope align with my course outcomes for student learning?

  2. Is the project scope well defined in terms of deliverables and expectations of the students?

  3. Are the project deliverables achievable for the skill level of the students in my course?

If you have answered 'no' to any of the above, but still see potential; send the employer a message asking them to adjust the scope of their project. Most employers are happy to comply with changes to the project scope.

Discuss with the employer

Before accepting or declining a request, have a conversation with the employer. This can be done in the message center; when the employer sends a request, a new message thread is automatically created.

Accept or decline with 21 days

The request will expire within 21 days; try to make a decision before then. If you are still in discussion you can either a) accept the request, and undo it later;

b) contact Riipen for an extension. When you accept their request, the project will be visible to any students who have access to your course page.

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