Discuss the following points and any other questions you have regarding the project to kick off the conversation!

  1. Is the project scope from the company clear and complete, and does the instructor understand your goals?

  2. Does the project meet the needs of the course learning objectives and fit within the students abilities? If not, the educator can propose changes or both parties can mutually agree on a revised project scope.

  3. What resources will students need to get started? Will they need access to financial information?

  4. Will the company require students to sign an NDA or any other paperwork?

  5. What will the typical level and method of communication be? How often will students be contacting you, and how quickly are you expected to reply to student enquiries? Is an in-person meeting required at any point?

  6. Discuss the timeline of the project and any important dates the other party should be aware of.

  7. Provide and ask for a secondary contact, in case either of you are unable to reach each other.

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