When you accept projects for your course, the employer associated with the project will receive an email notification letting them know that their request has been accepted. From that point, they will expect to hear from students near the start date of your course. If you need them to add information to their project scope, or prepare anything for students, now is the time to let them know!

Invite your students to access the projects by clicking invite students on the students tab of your course page. Communicate the following information with your students and the employer.

  1. Inform them about key dates and deadlines. Start date, submission date, and any major events (e.g. presentations). You can do this through your course page on Riipen, by setting milestone dates.

  2. Update them about any changes. This may seem obvious, but if your start date is pushed back, let the employers know.

  3. Let employers know when they will hear from students, and how often. Clarify which communication channels the students will be using to contact the employer.

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