We recommend the following to ensure a successful experience for both parties:

  • Kick off your project with a virtual meeting between yourself and the student team. The educator may want to be in attendance.

  • Schedule regular (weekly, bi-weekly) check-ins with the students to monitor progress and address any questions. Decide where you prefer to meet (Zoom, Google Meet, etc.).

  • Let students know what communication channels you prefer.

  • Follow up with the students if you don’t hear back from them.

  • Make sure the students understand the project scope. The project can be updated and revised. If you add a FAQ or resource to the project, students who have started the project will be automatically alerted.

How do I manage student teams on the platform?

Manage and communicate with student teams participating on your project, as an employer.

  • When students sign up for your project on the platform, you'll receive an email and platform notification letting you know. Students are prompted to send you an introductory message when starting the project, which starts a conversation between you and the individual (or the team) in your Riipen message center. You can view the group members and communicate with them here.

  • View the student teams that have started your project by going to the "Matches" tab of your project page.

  • View further information about the team's progress or launch a chat with them by clicking on their team name.

  • When students submit deliverables, you will receive a notification and an email to alert you.

What do employers do at the end of a project?

How to wrap up a project with students

  • At the end of a project, you'll receive a final project deliverable by the student team(s). If it's not received by the due date, contact the team through your messages tab or let the educator know.

  • Every company is asked to provide student teams with team ratings and recommendations for the work they've done.

  • This includes private team ratings and feedback, as well as, a public team rating and recommendation.

  • Public team ratings and recommendations show up on each team member's public Riipen profile. While you aren't able to hide it, you do have the option of marking your profile private.

  • If companies identify star contributors on a team, they do have the option of offering an individual rating and recommendation to the specific student.

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