Milestones are used for:

  • Project tracking and management tools for you, the students, and the clients

  • Opportunities to solicit and give feedback for students and the clients, respectively

The milestones you set for your class will show up for each student team that starts a project with a company on the platform. During the project, you'll be able to see the progression of all your student teams on your course page's "Projects" tab, or on the teams tab of an individual project.

When you create a course page, two milestones are filled in by default to give you a starting point. These include:

  1. A Project Scope Meeting, a short meeting to give your students, the clients, you a chance to confirm the scopes of the projects; and

  2. A Midway Check-In, a check-in point halfway through the project. Please do edit these default milestones and add more to better match the timeline of your course.

Here is an example of what Milestones will look like on your course page:

As student teams reach milestones in your course, they simply mark the milestone as complete, and upload any supporting materials if there are any. When milestones are completed by the teams, clients are notified, and prompted to respond on the platform with any feedback they may have for the teams.

You can track your student's Milestones submissions on the projects tab of your course page. Here you can track their progress bar to see what they've completed:

Clicking "view" will show you the details of what has been submitted by this student team.

The student team will be able to submit their final deliverable after they have completed all their Milestones.

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