Before the project with the company begins, it's in your best interest as the educator of the course to break the students up into teams and delegate which students are to be working with which companies.

When the students begin the project, the team leader will then be able to start the project for the group of students and add their teammates. Alternatively, as the educator, you can create the student teams yourself by clicking, "create team" on the project (found in the project tab of your course page).

Important: When you add your students to a team, remember to add them by the email address they already signed up to Riipen with (if they've already signed up). You can check which students have already signed up in the students tab of your course page.

You can see which teams have signed up to which company's projects in the projects tab. You'll be able to see the team name under the project.

Clicking the team name will bring up the team details, including the team members and these features:

  • Ability to add or remove team members.

  • Student team progress is filtered by state, which include:

  • Action Required - students have to take an action by submitting to a project or milestone, and employers by providing a rating.

  • Pending - members are waiting for another member to take action.

  • Completed - teams that have received a rating by an employer.

  • Expired - teams have gone a month over the project's due date, or have not submitted anything for 4 months.

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