Your students have put in time and effort, and now it is time to get those final deliverables into the hands of the employer. Ensure that students submit their final deliverable to the platform as a final submission. When the employer receives the submission, they will provide feedback that students can display on their profiles.

Please provide feedback to the company via the platform and solicit feedback from the company representative to see how their experience was. This will give you and the employer more information on anything that could be improved on in subsequent offerings of this experience.

If you are interested in working with the company again, you should ask if they would be willing to participate again in your course or your similar courses in future terms. This makes it easier for you next time around as you will have already established a rapport with the company.

That’s it! You have successfully managed a course on Riipen. If you would like to run your course again next semester, you can duplicate your course or create a new course.

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