The introductory message is when you can make a great first impression. You send this message during the team creation process when officially starting your project.

Introduce yourself and your teammates if you're working in a group. Express enthusiasm and include some personal details like what you're studying and why you're excited to work with this company. If you're working in a group, the main point of contact should provide their phone number and email address to the industry partner.

Your message should also include a call to action. Suggest a first few times for a meeting, or ask the company what times work for them for a phone call. If you're not expected to have a meeting with the company, let them know when you plan on updating them about the status of the project. Clear communication is going to be integral to the success of your project.

Here's a sample message

Dear Maria,

My name is Natasha and my team members are James, Bhavin, Lee and Tracey. I'll be the main contact person and can be reached at or 778-123-4567. We're all Marketing majors and are excited to apply what we've been leaning in class to create a great social media plan for your company. We'd love to check off the first project milestone and set up a meeting. Would sometime on March 3rd or March 4th work for you, or the afternoon of March 5th?

Thanks, and we look forward to working with you!

And remember - always be professional and courteous! You never know what opportunities could come out of this partnership.

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