If you accepted, declined, or canceled a request by mistake, you can undo it to bring that request back to a pending state. View the request, then click on the undo button in order to return the request to a pending state. This will allow the request to be accepted, declined or canceled.

You may want to use this if a project-course connection is canceled after having been accepted, or if a request was declined but after discussion you have decided to work together.

Why don't I see the 'undo' option on every request?

  • If a request was declined: only the recipient of the request can undo.

  • If a request was canceled: only the sender can undo.

  • If a request expires, neither can undo.

  • An accepted request can not be undone if teams are already attached

  • A declined/canceled request can not be undone if the project already has enough accepted requests.

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