Create Projects

  1. Explore Courses or Internship Programs and find one with students that fit your needs.

  2. Click the “Submit Project” button and outline your project for the course or internship program educator -- they’ll review your project and let you know if it’s a good fit for their students!

  3. Use a project template to publish a project for any educators to apply to.

  4. For premium and enterprise users: At the end of your project, keep track of your prospective talent and the ratings you give them by using talent pools.

Your Profile (completing your profile doubles your chances of finding students)

  1. Update your personal profile to include a profile picture, categories of interest, and your location

  2. Update your company profile to include categories of interest, industry, and a biography.

For more information, you can access Riipen Academy here:

Got more questions? Chat with us through the help centre or email your dedicated client success coordinator.

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