As a school portal administrator you can view all Educator and Administrator members of your school portal under the 'Admins' tab.

You can view profiles, send a message, and modify their status.

You can also add new portal members by clicking "+New Member." Just make sure to add them by the email address they have used to sign up to Riipen with.

School portals on Riipen currently consist of 2 types of roles: administrators, and educators.


Administrators of a school have full access within the portal. They can create and edit experiences and subportals, they can view reports, list students and administrators, edit the portal profile, and more.

Want full control over your school portal? You want to be an admin.


Educators have limited use of the school portal which they are a part of. Educators are limited to only creating and managing their own experiences.

Educators will not have access to other's experiences, reports, profile editing, etc.

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