Your company profile on Riipen is what other Riipen users (including students and educators) see when they click through your company's name to view your details. Filling out your company profile is recommended, so that your Riipen profile looks professional and provides context to anyone who's looking.

Are Company Profiles Public?

Yes, organization profiles are always public.

What Shows up on Your Public Profile

You can check what your public profile looks like by clicking the "View public profile" toggle under your name.

Your public profile includes the information you can fill out (your bio, work experience, education, personal projects), your Riipen projects and your portals if you have been directly invited to work with schools.

How to edit your profile

Click on the "My Companies" tab in your dashboard, and click on the name of your company. Click on your "profile". Here, you can edit your profile, as well as add alumni affiliations. The address you input will appear on your invoices. You can also add a logo and banner to reflect your company's branding.

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