Which type of user am I?

You are a student on Riipen if you are working on a project to build experience and gain skills, either as a part of a course or an internship program. You can participate in projects if your institution is active on our platform. Sign Up as a studentor search schools.

You are an employer on Riipen if you are representing your company or organization. You do not need to be actively hiring. As a Riipen employer, you can work with students on projects as part of their coursework or for project-based internship opportunities. Sign Up as an employer.

You are an educator on Riipen if you are an instructor, professor, project manager, or administrator at an accredited academic institution. An educator is someone who wants to give students the chance to participate in projects with real companies, either in-class or outside of the classroom. As a Riipen educator, you can give your students the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills on a company's project. Sign Up as an educator.

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