Employers can match one Riipen project with multiple courses or internship programs. Instead of duplicating projects, you can now match a single project with as many opportunities as you like.

Set projects to open or closed

After having a request accepted and matching with an educator, you can choose to leave your project open and find additional matches, or can set your project to closed if you would like to stick with one course at a time. This can be reversed any time. You’ll find this option on the settings tab of the project page.

Matches tab

On your project page, under the matches tab, you will find details about each of your matches.

Using one project vs duplicating a project

If the goal is to use the same project content with different groups of students, match one project to multiple courses or internship programs.

If you would like to use a similar (but not identical) project, use the duplicate button on your project page to create a new project with the same content, and make modifications.

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