A few key characteristics of internship programs on Riipen:

  1. They are reviewed and accepted by schools before students can access them.

  2. They are almost always remote. Students and employers will not meet in person.

  3. They can be completed individually or in teams.

  4. Internships on Riipen are project-based; there will be a fixed project scope for students to complete rather than a list of responsibilities.

In Riipen's model, this process starts with the school. They create an internship program page which describes the types of projects they are looking for, their payment requirements, and the commitments they require from companies. Browse internship programs.

Companies submit projects to any internship programs they are interested in. If accepted by the school, their projects become available to students at that school. Students apply individually or in teams, and companies can accept or decline these applications on the platform.

Project milestones and communication can be tracked directly on the Riipen platform. The company can also invite students into their company's communication channels to complete the project.

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