Much like a typical onsite internship, a Virtual Internship is a temporary remote position at your organization. Employers will be connected with students through an educator but the decision to participate in the internship depends on the student’s interest. Depending on the school’s regulations, internships may require a paid incentive which will be indicated in the “company requirements” section on the internship page.

VIs are posted to the Project Library on Riipen where they can be requested by educators. They can also be submitted by companies directly to Courses.


  • Employers can connect with students by posting their internship opportunity to the marketplace.
  • Employers gain a temporary employee with fresh insights into their area of expertise
  • Employers have more flexibility over the student’s responsibilities throughout the internship.
  • As with an In-Class Project, employers have access to students from Canada, United States, United Kingdom and Australia.
  • Students get real experience in their field of interest.

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