Riipen and Orbis now offer a basic integration between the two systems.

The first phase of the Riipen-Campus Connect integration allows you to cross-post open challenges and challenges from your Ripen school portal to Campus Connect. Check out the Challenges tab on your school profile to see if you currently have any challenges active. If not, your Riipen Client Success Associate or Academic Relationship Manager can work with you to recruit challenges from your Riipen employer network.

Please note, the integration does not extend to Courses at this time.

In the next phase of this integration (expected Winter 2021), you will be able to cross-post approved Remote Internship postings (full-time, part-time or project-based) from Riipen to Campus Connect. This is expected to have a greater impact due to the higher volume of Internship postings and we look forward to updating you when this is live.

There is currently no reporting integration between the two systems; we will be exploring this in the future.

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