Team pages on Riipen now have a new look. When a student or group signs up to a project on Riipen, that creates a "team" where the students can upload their work and the employer and educator can monitor their progress.

Team pages now have a new look and a couple new pieces of functionality.

Easy links back to the course and project

At the top of the team page, you'll see links to the project and course the team is associated with.

New view of team progress

In the new team view, the milestone descriptions are visible at a glance, without having to click in to view more information. A team member can click on any uncompleted step to add a comment and/or file. Employers and educators can click on completed steps to see what the students added.

Ability to comment on a submitted milestone

Employers and educators can add a comment to any completed milestone, to provide students with ongoing feedback. Students are notified by email when a comment is added.

Chat embedded within team pages

You can access the conversations relating to a team through the 'chat' option in the sidebar of the team page. These conversations are still accessible through your general messages tab as well.

Project content embedded within team pages

Project content is also available through the team page for students and educators, so they can easily flip back and forth between project content and their own team's progress. The 'project' tab shown in the screenshot above is available for students and educators who can view the team page.

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