An Internship Program page is created by educators to recruit companies for project-based internships. Educators create an Internship Program to let companies know they are looking for internships for students and set the parameters for those internships. The Program page lists company commitments, payment requirements, and examples of suitable projects. Companies submit projects to apply to participate, which you can accept or decline.

In many ways, it works like a course, but with a few key differences:

  1. There are no fixed start and end dates. You can accept projects on a rolling basis, and projects accepted will set start and end dates individually.

  2. You can prominently indicate the requirement for payment from employers to students. Employers will be asked to confirm the payment amount they can offer.

  3. Instead of assigning students to project, students must apply to an approved project in order to work on it. The company has 30 days to review a student application before it expires.

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