When creating a project, employers will see the option to indicate if their project is open to courses, internship programs, or both.

  • If your project is matched with a course, one or more student teams will be assigned to your project. They will complete the project as a class assignment, during the fixed dates indicated on the course page. You will be asked for input during the project, and will receive their work at the end.

  • If your project is matched with an internship program, you can set your own preferred start and end dates. Payment may be required, depending on the internship program. Students at that school will apply to participate, and you can decide who to approve to work on your project. During the project, you will act as the supervisor to the student, and the degree of interaction is higher.

Courses are a lower commitment way to reach a larger number of students, whereas an internship program can be a great way to get a project completed with more control over the outcomes.

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