First, it's important to keep in mind that projects must be approved by an educator before students can access them. Your institution must be active on Riipen in order for you to participate in projects. You can access the approved projects for your school through the steps below if you've been provided with an access code.

  1. Sign up to Riipen as a student.

  2. Take a moment to fill in the onboarding steps. Telling us what categories of projects you're interested in will help us to recommend more relevant content.

  3. Between the options "Complete a Project for a Course" and "Complete a Project for a Remote Internship", select "Complete a Project for a Remote Internship."

  4. Search for your school by name. You will see all internship programs that are active at your school.

  5. Select any internship program that is in your area of interest or study.

  6. Click "Join as Student" and enter the access code provided by your institution.

  7. You can now view all projects under the Projects tab.

  8. Click "Apply" to submit an application to the employer on any project that interests you. You can apply individually or as a team.

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