Why is Level UP important for students?

Students benefit from paid work-based learning experiences that enhance their skills, help them form employer networks, and gain career clarity.

Many students are (still) not enrolled in programs allowing them to do a traditional work integrated learning (WIL) experience (internship, placement, coop) or a class-based Riipen WIL experience. Students deserve a chance to gain real-world experience!

Many students don't have the time or bandwidth to invest in a long-term WIL (think about the amazing people in Continuing Education!), but most students can definitely fit a 80-hr project in their agenda, especially if they have up to 8 weeks to complete it! And who doesn't want to be paid for the amazing work they produce?

What does a Level UP project need to include?

Projects should provide 80 hours of work per student participating. Each project must be entirely virtual and completed within 2-8 weeks.

You can read full details here.

How do students get connected to projects?

  1. Students will apply directly to your project, individually or in teams. Applications will expire after 30 days.

  2. Students must start and complete the work through the Riipen platform in order to receive the Level UP stipend. You are welcome to communicate with them outside of the platform as well.

  3. Students will need a dedicated contact to answer questions and provide access to any resources they need throughout the project.

  4. You are required to provide a minimum of five hours of mentorship to each student.

  5. Payment is provided by Riipen through the Level UP program at the conclusion of the project. You can read further details here.

How does the funding work?

Level UP is different from traditional wage subsidy or grant funding programs that you might be used to. Riipen pays students directly, which means that funding is attached to students, not projects.

When a project is approved for the Level UP program, that simply means that the project becomes available for students to apply to. Stipends are not locked in until a student has applied to and been accepted. Stipends are sent to students as a one-time payment, which means that students only receive payment upon successful completion of projects. Students who do not fully complete the project will not be paid.

Are students employees of the organization?

No. Students are neither employees of the organization they do a project for, nor of Riipen (who will pay their stipend). As such, students do not qualify for any benefits at either organizations. Students are also solely responsible to declare their earnings to the CRA (and will not receive T4 slips).

If I choose to submit my project to other opportunities, will those students receive honorariums?

No. While you are welcome to submit your project(s) to other courses and internship programs on Riipen, connections that you make outside of the Level UP portal would not have the stipend attached, even if the students are eligible. Students will only receive a stipend if they have applied and been accepted to your project through the Level UP portal.

Still have questions? Reach out to us via live-chat in the speech bubble found in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen or via email (levelup@riipen.com)

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