The Riipen-Docebo LTI integration must be set up at the individual course level. Separate keys will be required for each course you set up.

First, here is how you find the variables you need:

  1. Open up your course page on Riipen.

  2. Go to the "Settings" tab. At the bottom you will find the public key and secret key. Copy these variables. The public key is called "Consumer key" within Docebo, while the secret key is called the "Shared secret."

  3. On your course page, the URL takes the format[yourcourseID]/details

  4. Copy the course ID for later. You will need it in the next steps.

Setting up the integration in a course on Docebo:

  1. Under the Admin menu, open "Course Management".

  2. Select the course you want to add Riipen to.

  3. Select the "Training Material" tab.

  4. Click "Add Training Material" and select LTI from the list.

  5. The fields here should be filled as follows:

    • Title: Any; make sure this is descriptive for students.

    • Description: Any.

    • Consumer key: Riipen public key, steps described above to find this.

    • Shared secret: Riipen secret key, steps described above to find this.

    • Privacy: Select both "Share launcher's name with the tool" and "Share launcher's email with the tool."

    • Completion: On opening the learning object.

    • View mode: New window

  6. Hit "Save Changes".

Students will be able to click on the Riipen module to access their course page in Riipen. An account will be automatically provisioned for them, and they will be taken directly to the relevant course page. They will need to be provided with the unique access code for the course, which you can find under the "Students" tab of your Riipen course page. You may want to put this in the description field in Docebo.

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