A course or project will close automatically if you let 3 or more received requests expire in a 180 day period. An internship program will close automatically after 5 expired requests in the same period.*

This change is intended to address user responsiveness in the marketplace, and encourage all parties to act on requests before they expire. To make this change more feasible, we have extended the request expiry period to 21 days.

How to re-open my project, course, or internship program after it has automatically been closed?

If your project, course, or internship program is closed you will get an email from Riipen to alert you of this. If you are still seeking matches, go to the settings tab and set it back to open.

The temporary closure will have no negative effects on any requests you had that were still pending, or on any existing matches. It simply took you out of the marketplace for a short period. Please contact us if you have any questions or comments atsupport@riipen.com.

*The difference is due to the fact that Internship Programs typically recruit projects over a much longer period of time, so may have a far higher request volume.

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