The first step to matching with a course or internship program is to send or accept requests. Here are the different request states you may see:

  • Pending - Requests that are waiting to be reviewed. Requests only stay in the pending status for 21 days.

  • Expired - Once 21 days have passed, the request expires.

  • Accepted - When you or an educator accepts a request, it confirms the match and a message is sent to both parties.

  • Declined - If you or the educator decide it’s not a good match, you can decline the request.

  • Canceled - A request is canceled when a pending project request is withdrawn or unmatched from a course or internship program page.

Your request history can be viewed in your requests or in the request tab of your project page:

Follow up with schools 1 week before the expiry date if you have not received a response from them. If you need more time to respond and notice that your request is expiring soon, contact us at and we will make any necessary adjustments.

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