Before committing to a course or internship program, it is important to have a phone or video call with the educator to discuss the suitability of your project.

Before the call

  • Review the course or internship program page. Get familiar with what students can do for your company, the start/end dates, etc.

  • Prepare a list of questions you want to ask. What are the curriculum needs? What is the preferred method of communication between you and the educator? How much will the educator be involved (e.g. communications, meetings with project team, etc.)?

  • Figure out how flexible you are with changing your project scope to meet course objectives.

During the call

  • Does the project meet the needs of the course learning objectives and fit within the students abilities? If not, at this point it’s possible the instructor will propose changes, or you can mutually agree on a revised project scope.

  • Clarify a timeline for a project. If you have a specific request, make sure to bring this up in the conversation.

  • What resources will students need to get started? Confirm if you need students to sign any paperwork? Is an NDA needed?

  • What does the typical level of communication look like? How often will students be contacting you, and how quickly are you expected to reply to student enquiries? Is an in-person meeting required at any point?

After the call

  • If both parties are satisfied with the discussion, you can mutually agree to move forward with the project, and accept the request on your Riipen account.

  • Additionally, you can update your project page based on the conversation - e.g. add to the project details, attach resources, upload media using the ‘edit’ icon on your project page, etc.

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