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Commitments for educators using Riipen
Commitments for educators using Riipen

What is expected of educators using Riipen?

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Any educator using Riipen should be comfortable with the following commitments to ensure the best possible experience for all stakeholders.

Educator commitments when working with learners:

  • I will support my learners’ success by providing them with onboarding information on Riipen (which will be provided to me by my Riipen contact, account manager, or the customer success team at at least two weeks before their projects start.

  • If the number of required projects changes, I will alert my Riipen contact at least 15 days prior to the experience starting.

  • I will instruct my learners to contact the employer within one week of the project start date.

  • I will instruct my learners to submit their assignment deliverables through Riipen by the due date.

Educator commitments when working with employers:

  • I will accept or decline an employer's application within a three week period unless we mutually agree on a delay. If an employer accepts my request, I will confirm the match by counter-accepting within one week.

  • I will only accept as many projects as I am able to work with based on my current expectations of enrollment.

  • I understand that my contact information will be provided to employers who submit a request to work together, to allow us to set up our first call.

  • I will contact employers (by phone or virtual meeting) who apply to my experience within three weeks of their application to assess their suitability.

  • I will allow organizations an opportunity to revise their project scope if the one they applied with is not the right match.

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