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Overseeing learner projects
Overseeing learner projects

How educators can effectively support learner teams

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Your learners' projects are underway! The next steps you take will depend on how you and the employer have structured the communication patterns, project milestones, and deadlines. As the educator supervising the experience, ideally you are able to take a backseat as your learners manage the project with employers.

Please note that learners will tend to communicate with employers as much as you ask them to. It is the responsibility of the educator to define communication expectations for learners and employers and to let your learners know what is expected of them. If you notice that a learners team is not completing their milestones on time or is not communicating with the employer, please address this with the learners immediately.


Ensure your learners are ready to work with employers. The employer will expect to hear from learners near the start date of the experience. If you need them to add information to their project scope, or prepare anything for learners, let them know beforehand.

  • Check if the employer’s project page is complete and up-to-date. Does it reflect any changes you may have discussed with each other?

  • Establish your communication channels. Let the employer know where to contact you, and who the primary contacts will be for each team.

  • If another colleague from your institution is going to support you or manage the experience with you, add them as an administrator. Do this by going to your experience, clicking on the members tab, then clicking + Invite Users.

  • Review and add any milestones learners will be completing and confirm that these dates are accurate.

Supporting learners during the project

  • Attend the kickoff meeting between the employer and learners to ensure everyone is on the same page about the project expectations.

  • Ensure learners understand the project scope by regularly reviewing the quality of their work.

  • Track team progress on the team page to ensure that learners are completing milestones and meeting deadlines.

  • Ensure learners are communicating with the employer regularly.

  • Ensure learners are completing milestones and meeting deadlines. View team progress on the learners’ team page. You can view all teams under the "Teams" tab on the match page.

Once teams have completed their final deliverables

  • Ensure that learners submit their final deliverable to the platform as a final submission. When the employer receives the submission, they will provide feedback that learners can display on their profiles.

  • Please provide feedback to the company via the platform and solicit feedback from the company representative to see how their experience was. This will give you and the employer more information on anything that could be improved on in subsequent offerings of this experience.

If you are interested in working with the company again, ask if they would be willing to connect again for future experiences. This makes it easier for you next time around as you will have already established a rapport with the company.

That’s it! You have successfully managed an experience on Riipen. If you would like to run an experience again next semester, you can duplicate your experience page or create a new one.

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