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Best practices for learners working with companies
Best practices for learners working with companies

How should learners manage projects with employers?

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Communicate your progress

Reach out to the employer as early in the process as possible to introduce yourself, share timelines, and arrange your first meeting or phone call. This allows you to flag any possible issues for your instructor early enough to make sure your project is a success.

Important topics to discuss during your first meeting:

  • What are their preferred channels of communication?

  • Will they be unreachable during any point of the project (e.g. scheduled vacation)?

  • How regularly would they like to hear from you?

  • Is any additional information required to complete the project?

Meet expectations

In your first meeting with the employer, clarify roles and expectations so everyone knows what to expect and there are no surprises along the way. Check in with the employer at predetermined milestones to confirm everyone is happy with the progress.

If you need additional information or resources to complete the project, allow the company sufficient time to provide that for you.

Be professional

Write to the employer as you would in a professional role, and designate a team lead to handle email communication so that the company is not inundated with too many requests. Do your best to respond to the client's emails within 24 working hours.

Submit your project on time

Submit your project to the employer before the due date. The employer can provide valuable feedback that can guide your professional development. Submit your final deliverable through your team page on Riipen so companies can give you a rating and a recommendation that you can share.

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