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Overview and expectations
Overview and expectations

What learners can expect when starting a project on Riipen

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What to expect as a learner

  1. You may have the option to pick a project from a pre-approved list or you will be assigned to work on a specific project by your instructor.

    In some cases, you may have to submit an application to work on a project, which will be accepted or declined by the employer. The company may also require interviews of applicants.

  2. Your instructor will inform you if you can work in teams or independently.

  3. Choose one person on your team to "Start the project" on the Riipen platform and send an introduction message to the company. Use this chat to communicate with the employer throughout the duration of the project.

  4. On your project's start date, you should have a kickoff meeting with the employer of the company you are working with. This meeting is usually conducted remotely.

  5. After speaking to the employer, you should be comfortable getting to work on your project. This work will happen offline and outside of Riipen. Review the project page to make sure you are meeting the employers expectations.

  6. View and complete any milestones before the deadline. You can view and submit milestones on your team page on Riipen.

  7. Once you have completed your final deliverable for a project, upload it in the "Final submission" section on your team page.

  8. After you upload your submission, the company will provide you with feedback. You will also be required to provide feedback to the company.

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