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Successfully completing projects
Successfully completing projects

How to get the most out of your Riipen experience

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Apply what you know

Take what you have learned from your class or previous experiences and try to apply it to this real world situation. There will be gaps between what you know from the classroom and what the project requires. Use this opportunity to research, ask questions, and think critically about the problem you are trying to solve.

Treat it like a job

Be polite, professional, and submit high quality work. Many companies use Riipen as part of their campus recruiting process, looking to identify highly skilled learners that they would like to hire full time. Think of this as an opportunity to learn how the company works and what sorts of challenges they are facing, you may find a career path you had never thought of before.

Learn to work remotely

Learn to manage your time and work from home effectively. Follow a personal routine so you are prepared and ready to work during work hours. Also, prioritize communication with team members and other employees. Hold weekly meetings to update each other on the progress of a task.

Showcase the experiences you have gained

You own anything that you end up creating for a project, so be sure to show off your work to show future employers what you can do! Highlight this experience on your resume, social media platforms (e.g. Linkedin), your personal website or portfolio, and your Riipen profile!

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