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What new features are included in the Riipen 2.0 beta?
What new features are included in the Riipen 2.0 beta?

What's available now and what's still to come

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New features included in beta

  • New layout, including global search and a fixed sidebar with links to your most important pages.

  • Course and internship program functionality have been merged into a single content type: experience. Overview of experiences.

  • Portals can be customized with a unique subdomain (eg. and can set their own unique vocabulary. Overview of portal settings

  • Projects and experiences are now tagged with primary and secondary categories to improve recommendations.

  • Portals have private marketplaces consisting of projects posted by their portal pass holders. Overview of portal marketplace

  • Feedback surveys can be customized at the experience level and portal level.

  • Experiences have many more settings available relating to how students join, how they are administered, and where they appear. Overview of experience settings.

  • Educators can propose projects to companies rather than only requesting existing projects. Search companies

  • Companies invited on a portal pass are invited to your institution's unique subdomain, rather than to

  • Employers and educators can extend the expiry date of an individual request

  • Educators can set a longer expiry timeframe for their experience as a whole.

  • Educators can propose changes to projects they request, or that are submitted to their experience.

  • Employers can submit their project to an experience and customize it just for that experience.

  • Educators and employers can create custom project templates. Create a custom template

  • Educators can import learners via csv upload

  • Portal administrators can import companies to receive a portal pass via csv upload

  • All users can integrate with Zoom and Google Meet to send videoconferencing invitations through Riipen messages.

  • Experience administrators and portal administrators can customize emails that relate to their experience or portal.

  • Portals can be customized with the colours of your choosing, to reflect the branding of your institution.

  • All non-user generated content will be available in French. User-generated content will be tagged with a language and the content you see will be filtered accordingly.

  • Users can merge different accounts of which they are the owner

  • Portal administrators can add departments within an institution and educators can tag experiences to different departments.

Available by request

  • Custom reports can be accessed via demo with the product team. Contact us at for access.

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