Importing data

An overview of importing data in various settings

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Importing data is often a vital step in setting up your Portal or Experience. It's the most efficient way to ensure you're populating accurate information in bulk and is the best way to support yourself and other administrators with outreach, outcomes, reporting, and more.

Accessing import features

Importing can occur in 3 different areas of Riipen:

  • Portals for importing learners

  • Portals for importing companies with portal passes

  • Experiences for importing learners

  • Experiences for importing teams

To access any of these visit either your portal's settings page or your experience's settings page and look for the "Imports" tab.

Features of the importing:

  • Import templates

    • For each possible import type, Riipen provides you with a template version of the import file you will need to generate and upload to have the data imported

  • Data enrichment

    • Some import types allow you to submit additional information to Riipen to enrich the data which can then be used for future purposes such as reporting and analytics.

  • Pre-processing & confirmation

    • Upon file upload, Riipen will pre-process the data, detect and potential issues and allow you to confirm your import and the effects it will have before it is actually imported.

  • Progress and status updates

    • You will be able to see your import processed in real time as records are uploaded.

  • Error correction

    • If any record fail to import, Riipen will provide you with an easy re-import option for those specific records only.

  • Email notification

    • When your imports are complete, Riipen will notify you via email to let you know.

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